Stars Models – Academy Of Art Graduate Fashion Show

18 of our Stars Models on the runway for the 2015 Academy Of Art Graduation Fashion Show. Congratulations Designers!

aau summer 2015aau summer 2015 2Aly Henry, Anya K, Brooke, Meisha, Victoria M, Sydney, Anna V, Katrina, Sarah B

Katia, August, Anders, Alex M, Sydny, Sarah G, DeeDee, Alyssa M, Sabrina S

Stars Models for the Bloomingdale’s “Inside Anne’s Closet” Fashion Show

Emily M, Nicole Daryanani, Alyssa M, Jillian Lieber, Sydney Reed, Cassie Hart, Lana Kohn and Richelle Devera about to take the runway for Bloomingdale’s “Inside Anne’s Closet” Inaugural Luncheon and Fashion Show

bloomies event

Stars Models – ERDEM/ Saks Fifth Avenue

Saks/ Erdem Fashion ShowErdem


                    Alyssa Moore                     Sydney Reed                                     Sydny F


                       Katia                                     Lana                                             Katrina


                                    Catherine Lammerson                       Lanisa

Catherine and Alyssa erdem